Hair gel

Hair Gel


Forget generic hair products, or expensive products that don’t deliver: this is our superb bespoke formula that you will love!

  • All-day hold
  • Flexible for easy restyling
  • Nourishing for your hair

Not just another hair gel, this jar has been formulated using years of our master barber’s expertise and with our legendary vintage style. Guarantees all day hold whilst nourishing your hair.

Want to try another look? No problem, just restyle and go: when you comb your hair, the gel leaves no unsightly flakes or residue behind. It also washes out easily with water.

Alum Matches

The Winner of 2017 Beauty Shortlist Award in the Best Shave Product category.

If you’re one of those clumsy shavers who always leaves the house covered in bits of loo paper so these are just for you!

Treat that shaving mishap on the go with Alum Matches, the portable men’s skincare treatment for razor burn and skin irritation.

Using the ancient 100% natural Alum Stone formula, disposable Alum Matches prevent infection while soothing irritated skin, making them the perfect on the go solution for your shaving woes.

Disposable “matchstick” version of alum is more practical and hygienic alternative. Ideal for travel.

Simply moisten the tip with a little water and apply to any nicks, cuts, or razor burn.

Each matchbook contains 20 matches. Order yours today!

Alum Matches
Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017 WINNER
Hair gel



High hold, medium shine, water soluble.

The Legends London Original Hair Pomade is for those looking for a high hold with a medium shine finish. Our pomade provides a strong grip for maximum styling flexibility. Washes out with water.

Take a small amount of hair pomade and work it through your hair. Once evenly applied, work into place to achieve a style you can be proud of.

The Legends London pomade works best on classic, retro, modern as well as old-school styles.  Just add water if you want to have a wet look shine.  

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